Why Social Media Marketing is important for your business?

In the beginning, the internet was created with the fundamental purpose of sharing data, thoughts, interests, and different types of expressions among the people throughout the world; however, that wasn’t that easy at its early stages until social media kicked-in.

The vision of a global village became a reality with the advent of social media. It instantaneously connected people around the world and made distant interactions easier.

Social media is fundamentally Internet-based applications that work like a global community. Users can create and share content, for example, posts, comments, videos, photographs, and other types of information.

Most importantly, social media improves online interpersonal interaction by matching a user’s profile with like-mind individuals or groups for a better experience and higher chances of positive and constructive interaction.

Social media platforms can be accessed or are usually accessed by means of personal computers or mobile devices. As the users connect to social media with these electronic devices, they make profoundly intuitive interactions with other peoples. They can share, talk about, and modify the content posted by others or the content they themselves post.

Connections and relationships shaped through social media sites are changing the fundamental norm of human connectivity. Social media platforms work in a dialogic transmission framework (numerous sources to numerous receivers), which is rather more effective than customary media, which works under a mono-rationale transmission model (one source to numerous recipients, for example, newspapers or television).

The most famous social media platforms, with more than 100 million users are:

 Facebook, YouTube, WeChat, Instagram, QQ, QZone, Weibo, Twitter, Tumblr, Telegram, Baidu Tieba, LinkedIn, WhatsApp, Line, Pinterest, Viber, Reddit, BBM and many others.

However, in terms of types, social media platforms can be categorized in the following types:

·         Blogs

·         Business systems

·         Collaborative activities

·         Enterprise informal organizations

·         Forums

·         Microblogs

·         Photo sharing

·         Products survey

·         Social bookmarking

·         Social gaming

·         Social systems

·         Video sharing

·         Virtual worlds

Since every product and service has a good and bad aspect, so does social media. Critics have noticed a wide scope of positive and negative effects of social media platforms. Internet-based interaction can assist with improving a person’s feeling of connectedness with individual or online networks and can be a compelling instrument for partnerships, business ventures, non-benefit associations, social gatherings, ideological groups, and governments. But on the other side can be really destructive if used unconsciously.


The capacity to share sentiments, memories, thoughts, and so forth continuously has transformed the manner in which we live and, additionally, the manner in which we work and interact together. Businesses who utilize online networking as a necessary piece of their advertising channel, as a rule, see quantifiable outcomes. Yet, the way to effective web-based lively interaction is not to regard it as an additional tool yet to treat it with consideration, regard, and attention both in terms of marketing and personal use.

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